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Max Precision at Top Speed

All services provided by the Elevate Framework implement time-honored algorithms optimized to the deepest possible extent in order to produce the most expeditious results.

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The entanglement of resolute precision with steadfast performance is the underlying principle on top of which the concept of Elevate Framework is centered.


Elevate Framework borrows its splendid precision from time-honored algorithms upheld through well-established tests.


The competence to solve any real-world problem is our ultimate goal. The ingenious design of the Elevate Framework makes it possible to adapt it to any industrial field for solving any potential problem. 

Magical Services

Option Optimization

Decision making is a stressful business routine which can expose a corporation to the risk of disruption if done improperly or inconsiderately. The complexity of this responsibility grows as the attributes and aspects associated with the main problem increase. The volume of such options in large enterprises can reach a point where human intellect may no longer be competent in making the right decision. A computer-aided solution is ideal in this case, and we carry the pride of having implemented one of the first on-the-fly option optimization systems available in the market. 

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The greed for optimizing costs, quality, and performance is a common trend among all successful businesses. However, the oppressive nature of the optimization problem restrains companies in various perspectives from implementing it by the book. We undertook the challenge to develop one general-purpose “Solver” which all businesses can effortlessly adapt since we believe that one excellent solution outperforms many typical systems.

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Trending Technologies

Machine Learning

Machine learning is currently a trending topic in computer science. Nevertheless, the complexity it involves and the expertise it requires has persistently restrained companies from moving towards this technology. In Elevate Framework, we have made it simple! Simple to an extent where you can benefit from this luxury through making a single API call.

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Features Specifications

Amazing Features That make it Awesome!

It is remarkably easy to use Elevate Framework, and its generic nature allows it to be adapted to any business.

The Force of the Jedi

Elevating Your
Problem Solving Power

Elevate Framework is a comprehensive ‘Solver’ which has been blended with machine learning capabilities to augment its intrinsic potencies. Unlike other solvers, Elevate is available on-the-fly requiring a minimum knowledge of computer programing.

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Universal Compatibility

with All Platforms and Environments

Elevate Framework is compatible with all software development environments thanks to its RESTful architecture. This is to say that using Elevate Framework is as simple as making a single API call.

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Plans and Prices

Subscription Plans

You can use Elevate Framework entirely for free if you are a student, a lecturer, or a researcher or in case you run an NGO, a humanitarian organization, or a startup or you would like to use it for medical purposes.

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